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Fermented with an authentic Bavarian weizen yeast to produce its unique flavor profile - fruity, spicy and refreshing. Try it without a lemon. 

Bavarian-style Wheat Beer

Fruity, Spicy, Refreshing, Dry

  • Alcohol (by volume)4.90%
  • Bitterness (IBU)15

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.

Most recent award: 2014 North American Beer Awards, Silver- South German-style Hefeweizen

Did you Know?

This is a great beer for hot weather! 


BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen®

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BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen® Brings Bavarian Refreshment to You

Hefeweizen beers may not be as well-known here, but they've been a go-to brew in Germany for centuries. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse offers a shining example of the style with our award-winning Harvest Hefeweizen® wheat beer! This beer is refreshing, with a spicy and fruity flavor profile that's sure to please. Its low hop bitterness and malty sweetness are beautifully offset by its high carbonation and spicy bite that's almost reminiscent of cloves. Those who have been to Bavaria and experienced Hefeweizen there will be thrilled at how faithfully the style is captured here. That's why we recommend not adding a lemon. While it's become a trend in the States, adding a lemon to a Hefeweizen is not preferred in its country of origin.

What Awards Has BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen® Won?

BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen® has won more than 10 awards throughout the years. Most recently, it received a Bronze Medal in the South German-Style Hefeweizen category in the 2018 L.A. International Beer Competition and a Bronze Medal in the German-Style Hefeweizen category in the 2018 Can Can Awards.

What Should I Eat With My Harvest Hefeweizen®?

As a lighter, refreshing beer, BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen® is a great choice for warmer days. It's fantastic when paired with our Parmesan-Crusted Chicken or The Sweet Pig Tavern-Cut Pizza. If you want a lighter meal, we've found that BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen® pairs exceptionally well with our EnLIGHTened Kale and Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad.

Did You Know?

Instead of settling for simply making an imitation of a popular style, our brewmasters decided to go for authenticity. That's why BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen® has been fermented with an authentic Bavarian weizen yeast. Whether you're searching for the perfect flavor combination that reminds you of an idyllic vacation in Bavaria or looking for a refreshing beer to help cool you off after a hot summer day, you'll be delighted with BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen® from BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse.


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