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LightSwitch® Lager is BJ’s original light beer, comparable in calories to other light beers at just 140 calories per pint. Brewed with the highest-quality malted barley and wheat without any rice or corn. We use German Hallertau hops for their pleasant aroma and to balance the mild malt flavor with a clean dry finish. The end result is a fresh and flavorful light beer with refreshing and smooth drinkability.

Light Beer

Light, Dry, Clean

  • Alcohol (by volume)3.50%
  • Bitterness (IBU)16

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.

Most recent award: 2015 Great American Beer Festival, Gold - Session Beer

Did you Know?

LightSwitch® Lager is just 140 calories per pint!


BJ's Lightswitch® Lager

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BJ's LightSwitch® Lager: Finally, a Flavorful Light Beer!

There's no shortage of mass-produced Light Beers out there, and these are quite popular. This posed a challenge to the expert craft brewers responsible for the award-winning beers at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse. Instead of relying on the multimillion-dollar equipment that the big beer companies have, our expert brewers turned to the passion of their craft. The result is a light and refreshing beer that uses all malted barley with a bit of fresh German Hallertau hops for impressive flavor that you just won't find in mass-produced Light Beers. There's no rice or corn in BJ's LightSwitch® Lager, and it is unpasteurized. Our brewers saw the light and made the switch to this fresh and flavorful Light Beer for smooth drinkability. Come visit the BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse near you to experience BJ's LightSwitch® Lager.

What Awards Has BJ's LightSwitch® Lager Won?

Most recently, BJ's LightSwitch® Lager earned the Gold Medal for the Session Beer category at the L.A. International Beer Competition in 2017. In 2015 this delightful Light Beer earned Gold at the Great American Beer Festival, and in 2013, it earned Gold at the North American Beer Awards. BJ's LightSwitch® Lager has also earned two Bronze Medals in past North American Beer Awards.

What Does BJ's LightSwitch® Lager Pair Well With?

This award-winning Light Beer is great with our lighter meals! Try it with our EnLIGHTened Lemon Thyme Chicken or EnLIGHTened Kale and Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad with BJ's LightSwitch® Lager. You'll also find that this refreshing light brew goes well with the EnLIGHTened Seared Ahi Salad.

Did You Know?

BJ's LightSwitch® Lager may have a level of flavor that other Light Beers only dream of, but it's still only 140 calories per pint! Stop by your local BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse to join us for a beer.


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